About Us

Subhasish Banerjee EFIAP, the founder of the photography institute LIGHT & SHADOW, AN INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY, founded in 2005, is an ace photographer who has won countless international and national accolades for the last two decades.

He has bucketed rewards of highest honours from countries like India, Rumania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Austria, Korea, UK, Edinburgh, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China to name a few. He has won the NAT GEO HTC CANDID SHOT AWARD in 2012 and BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARD 2019 in the professional category.

Museu International de Fotographia , Spain and Indian Numismatic Historical and Cultural ResearchFoundation have taken some of his photographs on request to be displayed in their prestigious archives.

Although he has excelled at every branch of photography from street to travel, his forte is product, still life, jewellery and splash/liquid photography. He is unparalleled in teaching and creating equally talented professionals who are working in the industry most successfully.Every word of praise will fall short of doing justice to his talents and virtues both as a photographer and human being.